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During the last week of August over thirteen thousand students will converge upon the greater Burlington, Vermont area to begin the fall semester at the University of Vermont.  They’ll come from small towns in Vermont, large cities like New York, and even other nations like China.  As they move into their residence halls, apartments, and houses, the start of a new school year will unfold.
The first week of school is an especially crucial time for first-year students.  Decisions made during your first few days on campus have the power to shape your whole college experience.  Chi Alpha will be there in the midst of this dynamic opportunity.  We’ll shuttle Chinese international students to the grocery store, help American students move into the dorms, host social events, and participate in student activities.  And, most importantly, we’ll be ready to share the love and hope of Christ with anyone we come across.  
We need your help!  Behind every creative endeavor to meet and build friendships with students, there is a financial cost.  Every root beer float party, poster, pizza dinner, social outing, and Bible study kickoff requires resources and supplies.  We are trying to raise $2500 by August 1st to cover the cost of our fall startup.

Will you consider being one of fifty people to give $50?  Will you make an eternal investment in the life of a young student?