Will you partner with us in reaching the campuses of new england?

In 2008 we pioneered Chi Alpha at The University of Vermont.  We were drawn here by the beauty of our city, the passion of its students, and the tremendous spiritual need of this region.  Since then a growing and diverse community of faith has sprung up.  Lives are being changed as students encounter Christ, many for the first time.

Three years ago I began a new role as District Chi Alpha Director for Northern New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine). As my attention and energy increasingly focus on recruiting new staff and planting new ministries on the 90+ campuses of Northern New England, our work budget is also increasing (travel, training, conferences, and more!).

As Chi Alpha missionaries we are responsible for building a team of financial partners to underwrite both our personal allowance and our ministry budget. We are currently in need of raising $500/month in new support. We are looking for 20 new churches and individuals to give $25/month. Will you partner with us as we reach, train, and send university students in New England?

Thank you!

Joe and Rachel Gavin